понедељак, 17. фебруар 2014.

петак, 14. фебруар 2014.

What have I learned from American tv shows about doctors and hospitals

1. Most doctors and surgeons are drop dead gorgeous young people.
2. Doctors and surgeons work like at least 20 hours a day but still manage to look fantastic, well rested and perfectly groomed with great hair and full make up.
3. Female doctors have no problem to examine patients with long, thick hair flowing down their (doctor's) shoulders and back.
4. Being a doctor is is extremely dangerous job, they are often killed on the field and if not then they still mostly die very young from some strange disease or some deranged ex patient with a gun.
5. Doctors are always on the go, they never ever rest, they can operate for 15 hours, have a quickie in a lounge with a colleague and then get back to another surgery like nothing happened.
6. All the doctors and surgeons and other staff from one hospital were once together in a steamy sexy relationship.
7. Doctors think about their job ALL the time, and they are basically obsessed with perfect stitches, broken bones and diseases.
8. Doctors and surgeons are very personal with their patients, they talk about personal stuff, they cheer them up, stay with them just to make them feel better and sometimes, they even bring them home.
9. Doctors make moral decisions for their patients and then pressure them to accept it. They are like... moral police.
10. Female doctors cry a lot and they are obsessed with hot mail doctors.
11. Hospital manager and head doctors yell on, downgrade and pretty much humiliate other doctors and interns, like most of the time. It's good for them to toughen it up.
12. Interns and young doctors, though working 24hrs a day, earn very little and live all together in small cheap flats.
13. People outside hospital, except for patients, do not exist (apparently).

sorry for bad English, no hard feelings I hope, this is just a joke...