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Women against feminism

 What is feminism? By one short definition I found it is "feminism, the belief in social, economic, and political equality of the sexes.". Simple and clear enough. I believe it also enabled women to have much more choices in life and how they would want to live. With feminism, not only they were socially equal, could work respectful jobs and earn much more money than before and could vote and be respected as equal members of society, they also got freedom to decide how they want to live their lives. Will they marry or not, will they work or not, have children or not, whatever life they wanted and couldn't have before. So, what is wrong with that?

Nothing. Really, it doesn't take away anything from men, rather it gives them a lot, like an equal partner who also can work and earn, someone they can have great conversation without society telling them that women are basically just decorations that can birth children, they are humans! And have feelings, and intellect and artistic talents and knowledge. Again, what is wrong with that? No one is forcing you to work, no one is forcing you to be a business woman, you can chose not to. You can chose to live like like before feminism and that's ok too.

So, why so many young women online hate feminism so much?

Are they aware how different all their lives would be without feminism? That they would not earn money on social media, or be on social media at all? That they would have determined lives they would have to live and no rights whatsoever. I feel like there could be few explanations why do they declare they hate feminism.

First, they have no idea what feminism is. A lot of people think feminists are some dirty, ugly women, dressed in rags, who go around yelling that they hate men. Or some privileged women who go around yelling that men are inferior to women. Or that it's something that forces them to work and be a "boss babe" whatever that is. Or something like that. It isn't. It doesn't even fit the definition. None of that is feminism. I have no idea what it is, but feminism? No.

Second, they are "pick me" women who want to be liked by men at any cost. Those are women who will easily throw other women under the bus (figurately speaking) presenting themselves as girls who believe women do not need rights, they just need smart and capable men to lead them through life. I mean, if that's what YOU want, fine. But, please do not push that ideal on others, we might not want it.

Third, it's just ignorance. Most young women today grew up on social media and have no idea how the world works neither they care. They have no idea there are still parts of the world where young boys under 14 are forced into wars, where little girls are sold or married under age of 12 or where people, men and women have no basic rights. Women like those don't care, all they see in life is social media, and what it tells them. They have no idea of history, or fights people had through history, many horrors of humanity, misery that still rules in some parts of the world, those women only know what they see online and that is truth to them. They do not care. They see that people, especially men, react very positively when a girl says "I hate feminism" so they will say it, and repeat it and look cute, and think they are so smart.

Now please, no one should hate anyone, especially not based on gender, whatever it is. That's stupid. No gender should lose rights, that would be fascism. If you personally don't like your rights you should just not use them instead of bragging how you don't like the rights that make you money just to gain followers or get male approval. Also, please, educate yourself, stop on meaningless hate, stop posting nonsense where you are trying to get rights away from half of the planet because YOU don't like the idea! Stop being hateful to any gender or any group of people. EOUGH IGNORANCE AND ENOUGH HATE ALREDY!

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